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Debt Recovery Services & advice in UK

We offer a variety of services that all focus around helping your cashflow, allowing you to focus on running your business.

The benefits of an effective and solid credit control strategy are far reaching. First and foremost, keeping in regular dialogue with customers long before their invoices are due is proven to reduce Debtor Days and ultimately the likelihood of late payment or bad debts.

Kingsland Receivables understand how burdensome that task can be. That’s why our outsourced credit control services provide dedicated expertise to leave you the time and resource to focus on your core business.

Our outsourcing model can be adapted to suit your business needs. You can outsource one aspect of credit control or the entire function.

How we can help

  • Bespoke solutions structured to your requirements
  • A dedicated expert and experienced credit controller to build rapport with your customers
  • Introduce a consistent credit control process including a review of your terms and conditions to reduce your debtor days and maximise your cash flow
  • Provide training and support to your credit control team
  • Flexible, this service can be used on a monthly or yearly basis or as a ‘one off’
  • Save time and resources, resources better spent on the productivity of your company

Do you have a business customer that just won’t settle your invoice?
Have you got more constructive things to do with your time than chasing people to pay you?
Late payment can be a major strain on the cash flows of businesses of all sizes, tying up cash and resources as time and effort must be dedicated to chasing each customer. Moreover, the likelihood of successfully recovering an invoice has been proven to diminish rapidly after the first 30 days, emphasising the need to proactively manage your debtors from the moment the order is placed.

Kingsland Receivables offers a range of outsourced commercial debt collection services to the SME and corporate sectors, from one-off debt recovery and debtor tracing services to ongoing credit control facilities. Fast, efficient and thoroughly professional, we remove the stresses of credit management to give you back the time and resource to focus on running your business.

How we can help

  • A dedicated account manager advises clients throughout the collection process and gains an in-depth understanding of each debt to devise the most appropriate course of action.
  • Tailored debt recovery – Every commercial debt is treated individually. Debt information is analysed on receipt and a decision taken as to the quickest debt recovery route.
  • Our expert debt collectors contact each customer by telephone. This personal approach allows any queries or disputes to be resolved immediately and ensures maximum returns.
  • By applying our philosophy of debt collection the “can’t pays” are quickly separated from the “won’t pays”. The latter category is then chased using insolvency procedures, rather than traditional methods. Customers are advised personally of the implications of insolvency, normally resulting in a successful recovery.
  • Clients are notified on each case as developments occur and receive regular reports.
  • Our debt recovery professionals are fully trained to quickly resolve disputes without the need for lengthy and expensive litigation through the courts.

Using our credit management service will help you to reduce your costs and overheads, increase your profits and maintain a healthy cash flow.

  • We can save you considerable time and free up valuable resources
  • We provide clear upfront quotes that are fixed so you know what you will pay
  • We have the expertise to deliver rapid results
  • We can negotiate settlements and/or instigate payment plans at an early stage, resolving any queries promptly
  • Our experienced credit control team are well versed in the use of tact and diplomacy to produce positive results
  • We offer solutions for both cash flow management and sales ledger management
  • We are experienced in invoice discounting, which gives customers an incentive to pay you either up front or within far more restricted credit terms
  • We provide a virtual outsourced credit control service.  We can even telephone customers or debtors in your company’s name if you would prefer them to be unaware that you are employing a third party to collect your debts or manage your credit control

We can undertake all these credit control tasks from the Kingsland Receivables office or if you prefer, we can send our credit management expert to your offices to offer training and guidance on your credit control systems.

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